Hi! I’m Stephanie


Stephanie Rae is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Tantric Sex Coach and Licensed Breathwork Facilitator.

She has been studying Tantra for almost two decades. 

Stephanie has a Business Marketing Degree from Utah State University and was in Investment Banking right after college. 

Realizing that was not the path for her, she quit and ran off to Konalani Ashram in Kona, Hawaii in 2007 to study Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork. She began teaching all over Chicagoland when she returned. 

After a divorce and freeing herself from the religion of her youth, Stephanie dove head first into energy work and over the span of 2 years became a Reiki Master Teacher working with Sandra Coyner. 

Shortly after that, she discovered the Path of Love retreat which set her whole life in motion and on a trajectory to where she is now. It profoundly liberated her and changed her life. She has since staffed for the retreat. 

It was there she learned about Somatic Work and she signed up for Peter Levine's school, The Somatic Experiencing Institute and completed the 3 year program. She studied with Ariel Giarretto specifically for Sexual Trauma and under Dea Parsanishi along with other head facilitators. Her niche is Sexual, relational and attachment trauma. 

She also studied for two years under Giten Tonkov and his program, Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release.

Stephanie found the Tantric Leader, Layla Martin and completed her 18 month long Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching program to deepen her knowledge of Tantra and the intersection with sexual healing. 

Her teachers are vast and extend beyond the mentioned. She is excited about learning and always growing in her knowledge and embodiment of this work. 

Stephanie doesn't only teach but also embodies the Tantric life. She is deeply spiritual and also loves science. The blending is what makes her unique. 

Stephanie has lived an extraordinary life of traveling the world solo and writing books on it, participating in multiple endurance athletic events, she was a contestant on the hit reality show, Survivor, she is a single mom to two boys and currently loves Hot Yoga, her Peloton, pole dancing and Krav Maga.