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What is Ecstatic Love?

The art of feminine somatic healing and pleasure.

Ecstatic Love is a month long journey into loving your body.
One month to fall so deeply in love with our bodies in a sensual and gentle way unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
If you’re ready to fall into the depths of your feminine, soft essence and get out of you head and the masculine hustle, this is for you.
Tantra. Embodiment. Sisterhood. Somatic Healing.
Paired with Herbalism and Flower Medicine.
This is my favorite course I’ve ever created!

Who this is for...

  • It is for the woman who wants to cultivate a relationship with her vulva and her vagina (big difference) in a gentle, pleasurable and artsy way!
  • It’s for the woman who was shut down from her sensuality and feels like she doesn’t understand how to get it back.
  • It’s for the woman who’s body has been shamed, told it was too big or small, something needed to change with her breasts, her labia or pussy didn’t look, smell or feel normal. Through the most gentle ecstatic love practices we reclaim our body piece by piece in just a month’s time.
  • It’s for the woman who is sick and tired of feeling like she will only look amazing after she loses those 5 pounds.
  • It’s for the woman in perimenopause and menopause woman who’s body is changing and she desires to love it again instead of loathe the changes.
  • It’s for the Mothers desiring to feel back in THEIR body once again.
You will feel a reclamation of all the parts of you that you’ve hated or been told aren’t lovable.
Give me one month and you’ll feel confidence unlike you’ve ever experienced, aliveness and vision to create the life of your dreams and a sense of love for your body unlike you’ve ever felt before.


What is included
in Ecstatic Love?

  • 6 Live Calls via Zoom

  • A Very Special Herbalism and Ritual Supply Goodie Box Send to your Home

  • A Private Chat for the Duration of the Program for Sacred Integration and Sister Connection 


Are you ready to know what will be inside the box and what our calls will be about? 

Keep Reading... !!!


The Origins of Ecstatic Love...

If I am honest about the origins of Ecstatic Love, it was birthed in a pub in Iceland with one of my best friends over ginger ale after I just had a Tantric Massage when I met God. Like Viking Sky Daddy God. The Healthy Masculine that put me into such a state of ecstatic love and surrender this program was shot from the hands of heaven into my heart and pussy. 

I spent a year with this program. How do I TEACH what I just experienced. 

And it didn't come all at once. It was full of initiations that took me around the world to places like


the very land my ancestors lived on in Southern England

to the Original Isis Temple in Egypt

and into the cosmos with Divine Mother Ayahuasca 


All the way back to my kitchen and backyard where these Ecstatic Love Herbal Blends were tried over and over until they were perfected. Using potions and herbs from my travels and also ones I grew in my own home.

I was able to use my almost 20 years fo Tantric Studies paired with my 16 years of practitionership along with my herbalism knowledge to create experiences and blends that brought me back to this place of Ecstatic Love. 

And now I get to share it with YOU!!! This program is something I am SO proud of and can't wait for!

6 Live Calls Via Zoom



Call 1: Ecstatic Love Cacao Ceremony and Blue Lotus Oil Breast Massage with Somatic Breathwork


Call 2 : Creating Art from our Yoni Magic

We will do an Embodiment Healing Practice with our bodies and Yoni before we drop in deep together and create actual art together. We will be painting and sipping on a creative tea blend. 


Call 3: Integration + Coaching with Tea


Call 4: Yoni Steaming Initiation with my very sacred Ecstatic Love Herbal Blend


Call 5: Ecstatic Love Sex Magick infused with sacred Rose and Blue Lotus (optional yoni egg or wand use)


Call 6 : Integration + Coaching with Tea

What is in the Goodie Box?


I will be sending a special goodie box to your front door containing all of the supplies for our sacred rituals. These are homemade (some take months to make) from my kitchen and hands to your hands and yoni. 

I will be sending special treats to help create even more beautiful ritual spaces. Tantra teaches us the power of rituals so we will be setting these up for each of our calls together.

The only thing I will not be sending is paint as I want that to be your choice. Additionally you will need a handheld mirror. This will be likely a 15-20$ investment on your own.

You need NO special chairs for the yoni steam. I have a ton of ways you can do this with what you have in your home. 

I literally can't wait for you to receive this yummy box! These Ecstatic Love Herbal Blends have been perfected for over a year now!



We are reclaiming Sexy Sunday!

All calls are CENTRAL TIME (Chicago)


Call 1: Sunday, October 1st

12pm (90 mins)

Ecstatic Love Cacao and Breathwork Ceremony 


Call 2: Sunday, October 8th

12pm (90 Minutes)

Creating Art from our Yoni Magic with Painting


Call 3: Thursday, October 19th

12pm (60 Minutes)

Integration + Coaching with Tea


Call 4: October 22nd

12pm (90 Minutes)

Ecstatic Love Yoni Steaming Initiation 


Call 5: October 29th

12pm (90 Minutes)

Ecstatic Love Sex Magick 


Call 6: Nov 1st

7:30pm (60 Minutes)

Integration + Coaching with Tea


We will on Zoom. We begin each session on camera with each other but for the practices, everyone will turn their camera off for privacy. I recommend headphones for optimal listening.


Every call will be recorded and you will have lifetime access in a private portal to the recordings, practices and private messaging group. 

Who am I?

Stephanie Rae is a world renowned Embodiment Coach and Facilitator, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Tantric Sex Coach and Licensed Breathwork Facilitator.

I’ve spent 10 years working on my nervous system, 5 years in the deep end of somatic work versus the previous which were much more cathartic and 16 years as an Embodiment Practitioner.
So yes, my biggest flex is a peaceful nervous system + life.
Are there highs and lows…
Absolutely. I live in reality.
Do I push my comfort zone DAILY to stretch my window of tolerance and capacity to hold discomfort AND abundance…Absolutely. In every single way.
Do I have goals that I think I’m bat shit crazy for chasing…Absolutely.
The secret is that regulation and peace are my baselines.
I don’t chase highs so I feel “alive”, only to crash because my body is stressed out on adrenaline and cortisol.
I am a firm believer of catharsis for healing BUT it’s not my go to any longer. Slow. Gentle. That’s how I release now.
My baseline is softness. More yoni steaming, breast massages, cacao rituals, yoni eggs, rubbing my body and the places that hurt with lotus oils and preparing nourishing fresh pasta dishes. The art of feminine somatic healing and pleasure. This is what I am the embodiment of. I am the greatest teacher of this in the embodiment space.
It’s peace and it’s so palpable that people stop me in the streets to tell me my peaceful and pleasurable energy is contagious and puts them at ease and makes them smile.
This is Ecstatic Love. The art of feminine somatic healing and pleasure. With my tantric and priestess flare.

Why I’m the one you want to work with?

1. I’m not just another “trauma informed” coach that claims to know how to work with the nuances of trauma and especially sexual / relational trauma. I’ve studied in depth through a 3 year accredited school that the founder of Somatic Experiencing created by Peter Levine with a niche in sexual trauma. I’ve lived, breathed, practiced and studied trauma with literally hundreds of humans in an intensive way over the past decade.

2. I blend this nerdy science background with Tantra and spirituality utilizing tools such as Breathwork, Jade egg, vaginal dearmoring and body work, sound, movement and energy. I’ve been studying, facilitating and practicing all of these body based, energetic and embodied modalities for 13 years and practicing them for 21 years.

3. I’ve gone through the journey myself. I’ve met the depths of hell, screamed from cervix, cried until I was dried up, spit and gagged on the conditioning and words I was forced to swallow down. You can scare me because I’ve traversed the depths myself. You can only take someone as far as you’ve gone yourself and I’ve been to the pits of hell and stared the devil down. I won’t flinch. I’ll believe you.

So like I said, I’m the best in the industry at what I do and will walk the journey alongside you in the safest, most loving, Mama Bear, cheerleader, BFF but also respectable coach type of container. 

Additionally, I run retreats around the world for women based in tantric healing practice and adventure. She also hosts plant medicine groups exclusively for women called The Psychedelic Priestess. 

I also facilitate my signature group program for women once a year, Trauma to Tantra. 


Is this confidential?

You can always leave your cameras off when you attend live! I never reveal who is in my programs or on the live recordings (It will only be me being recorded).

Are there refunds?

Because of the intimate nature of this work, there are no refunds.

Do you give scholarships?

Nope. Not for this program.

I LOVE this and want more!!!

YAH! You can get on the waitlist for my signature group program Trauma to Tantra that runs in February. I also run Women's only retreats around the world in the coolest places like Peru, Iceland, Egypt, Bali and South Africa. I also host exclusive plant medicine journey's for women called The Psychedelic Priestess.


I’ve never felt more seen & supported in my life.

In the midst of relationship, home, and career shifts... Stephanie stood as a pillar of unconditional love & grace that encouraged me to grow stronger and wiser through all of it.

She weaves masterful somatic tools with a sharp intuition that sees into the heart of what you need to heal & thrive.

With this, she helped me release long held traumas around money, sexuality, my family, and toxic relationships... while continuously helping me develop my inner power & resiliency to face anything life brings with confidence, clarity, & compassion. -Michaela

I had a session with Stephanie because I felt stuck in my ability to feel pleasure, having struggled with pelvic tension and pain during intercourse for a few years now.

During the session Steph felt like such a safe presence which allow me to drop deep into the pieces that were holding me back. Stephanie's expertise is vast, and she knew exactly how to guide me through those intense pieces, allowing me to free my body from them.

I now feel like I a whole word of possibilities opened in my sex life and I am experimenting with all of that. Most importantly,  I feel a sense of freedom and relaxation around my sexuality,  no longer judging myself for how my body is reacting.

Thank you Stephanie you are truly amazing at what you do!  -Dianna

After years and years of attempting to heal from past trauma, I spent several months working individually with Stephanie,  she helped me grow in my love for myself  and the self worth that I had lost she helped me recover. These daily practices that she helped me discover not only saved me but also saved my marriage. I am forever grateful. Life is short, live your best life, you only have one. -Lynnette

Working with Steph was so instrumental in deeply getting in touch with my body and working with its sensations to uncover some of the ways I limit myself that I wasn't even fully aware of until dropping in with her. Her incredibly supportive presence, her amazing intuition and her ability to create such a healing and safe space was instrumental in my personal growth. She has such an incredible toolbox of exercises like breathwork, movement, sounding, meditation and sex magic to make our sessions together not only fully transformational, but also really fun and nourishing.  - Stacy

In the world where conversations about sex are few and far between, Stephanie creates a magical and safe space where exploration of my sexuality is not only normal, it’s encouraged and celebrated. Her deep curiosity, compassionate presence and fierce dedication to MY thriving makes her an invaluable ally on a road to sexual healing, sexual pleasure, sexual mastery and sexual freedom, which really translates into living an empowered life on my own terms. Whether sex is involved or not. - Ania



I was seeking virtual somatic therapy as part of my trauma-focused effort to unwind my mind and body,, and I chose Stephanie as my guide and teacher because of some similarities in our past experiences. I had the typical first-session jitters, but they were quickly settled when I realized that I was working with someone who really understands what it means to "hold the space". Stephanie radiates love and acceptance of what is, powerful enough to permeate through the screen.

Working with her one-to-one is different than engaging with her online content - both add to my life, but when it is just the two of us I feel safe and supported in a way I've never experienced before. My biggest breakthrough was a session where we explored a difficult encounter with my mother, an experience that led to months of emotional abuse as my family struggled in the generational dysfunction I am working to extricate myself from. Stephanie used her presence, skills, wisdom, and creativity to unlock the door to the peace and assurance I needed to Let. It. Go. 

It was a release unlike anything I've ever experienced before, like when you find a masseuse who really likes digging in to find and release the knots in your back. Stephanie helped me see and understand an entirely new way for me to move through my life, with a framework and tools for healing that I can use for the rest of my life. -Jenna

From the moment I first met Steph I knew I had to work with her. She’s owns who she is and knows what she is doing. She has such a calm demeanor and presence and the safety she creates within the container gives me the confidence to show up vulnerably and have powerful breakthroughs. She has lovingly stretched me while also respecting where I am in the moment. I was terrified to dive into this work but coaching with her has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. I seriously love the shit out of her! -Mandy


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