Hi! I am Stephanie Rae

World Renowned Embodiment and Tantric Love Coach

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for Trauma Resolution

Nervous System + Emotional Regulation for Entrepreneurs, Coaches + Business Leaders

I can't wait to meet and work with you!!!

Truly, this work of coaching is deeply sacred and special to me.

I have been in the "somatic and embodiment" industry since 2008 and have witnessed hundreds of people heal, begin living the life of their dreams and finally feel peace and regulation in their body. 

While I fall under the umbrella of Life Coaching, what we work on is deeply personal to YOUR desires and experience. 

I am a genius at working with:

  •  somatic trauma healing
  •  relational + attachment trauma healing (related to childhood trauma and divorce/breakups)
  •  healing from sexual trauma/shame
  • nervous system and emotional regulation for anxiety and depression
  •  religious trauma and purity culture healing
  •  inner child and shadow work
  •  supporting coaches and entrepreneurs to find steadiness and intimacy with their business growth, money and abundance  mindset and internal emotional regulation to magnify leadership
  •  sexual empowerment through tantra and breathwork

I work with Men and Women to drop into their body and find emotional and nervous system regulation for maybe the first time in their life.

Picture yourself moving through the world less hypervigilant, ruled by your anxiety, people pleasing, feeling unworthy of love or the life of your dreams and finally getting unstuck in your limiting belief patterns and dissociation. 

Take a moment to read below from some of my prior clients before we go any further. 


As a leader in the trauma therapy profession, it can be difficult to find a practitioner who has the skills and confidence to work with a fellow “expert.” When every service became virtual during the pandemic, I broadened my search and looked for someone I could work with online. This brought to me to Steph - I was intrigued by her training in somatic therapies so I signed up for a consultation. I was instantly impressed - she clearly knew what she was talking about, but more than that, she also embodied what she taught. I could tell that this was someone who had been to hell and back many times in her own therapeutic processes, and that her strength, tenderness, and vitality were the products of her growth and hard won battles. Even though I didn’t know what to expect I followed my intuition and starting working one-on-one with Stef.

I will never forget our first session together. Starting out, I was a bit nervous, but with her expert and intuitive guidance, I noticed my nervous system shift and begin to settle. It was perhaps the first time I ever felt totally safe in the hands of another practitioner - I could just shut off and be cared for. I didn’t have to be the expert, in control or helpful - I could be messy, confused, despondent, or full of rage - and trust that Steph could handle whatever I brought her way. 

Together Steph and I have worked through some of my worst sexual traumas and earliest attachment wounds. I had been trying for years to heal from these experiences, using EMDR  and other trauma therapies and working with other experts in the field such as Gabor Maté. Nothing has come close to the scope or intensity of working with Stef. I have experienced profound growth and liberation in areas I didn’t even know I could change. My relationship with my body, my intuition, and my loved ones, have shifted in ways that have given my life new depth and meaning. I am no longer trying to “overcome issues” or “alleviate symptoms” - I am just continuing to grow, and allowing life to get better and better and better. 

I also made a leap of faith when I signed up for a retreat in Peru. I had told myself that it would be too expensive or inconvenient to go, but I kept having nagging thoughts about Peru and what might happen if I did. I am so glad that I didn’t ignore my intuition and joined the waitlist for the already sold-out trip. Luckily, I was offered a spot, and by this time, I knew that I wanted it and was worthy of the investment.

They say “never meet your heroes” because they won’t measure up in real life - but the opposite was true for Steph. She blew me away with her presence and power, but she was also so human - approachable and easy to laugh with.  Spending a week with her and a group of incredible women in Peru was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life. Getting to do the work, live, in person, in community, was profoundly impactful. I came back with friends that will last a life time and felt reoriented and reengaged with life. Caring for myself through retreats and working with Steph will remain a priority in my life. I never imagined I would feel as secure, inspired and alive as I do now, and looking forward to more goodness, pleasure, embodiment and joy! -Danielle

I don’t have enough words to describe the depth of gratitude and love I hold for Stephanie! This work is truly her sacred gift and my life has transformed in every direction I look, from how I feel about: my sexuality, my spirituality, my worth and my work, the way I treat my body, the way I connect & hold myself, the way I communicate with family, friends, & lovers (that I even have lovers!) and the way I lead my life.

In the year I worked with her, I manifested working in a dream city, visiting a dream destination, a new job with a team that is supportive and celebratory, soul sisters who show up for me, lovers who treat me better than romance heroes and best of all- I’m just so grounded and falling in love with myself for the first time in my life. It’s been hard work but healing work can be so pleasurable, fun and gentle. I’ve worked with other coaches, therapists, group programs but none have brought me this level of sustained embodied results. The way I see myself and the world is drastically different after working with her. My capacity to work with my triggers, understand my feelings, work through the trauma and hold all the good has grown exponentially through my work with her. I have released bucketloads of shame, judgement and have come to approach my people pleasing and perfectionism with so much more self-compassion and grace. 

She lives her values with so much integrity, dedication, compassion and authenticity. She delivers powerful medicine for anyone who is ready to deeply transform their life. If you are looking to do serious healing work, and have the opportunity to work with her- leap- she’s got you! -Safina

Words simply can't describe the impact that Stephanie and her work has had on my life.  She came to me at such an important inflection point in my life and Stephanie has created the perfect space for me to grow into my practice, explore new corners of my soul, and connect with the most powerful source of clarity, gratitude, and love I could ever imagine.  No other practice requires such a selfless and confident practitioner and Stephanie has clearly found her life's work in leading others to their true happiness. -Anthony

I’ve never felt more seen & supported in my life.

In the midst of relationship, home, and career shifts... Stephanie stood as a pillar of unconditional love & grace that encouraged me to grow stronger and wiser through all of it.

She weaves masterful somatic tools with a sharp intuition that sees into the heart of what you need to heal & thrive.

With this, she helped me release long held traumas around money, sexuality, my family, and toxic relationships... while continuously helping me develop my inner power & resiliency to face anything life brings with confidence, clarity, & compassion. -Michaela


I was seeking virtual somatic therapy as part of my trauma-focused effort to unwind my mind and body,, and I chose Stephanie as my guide and teacher because of some similarities in our past experiences. I had the typical first-session jitters, but they were quickly settled when I realized that I was working with someone who really understands what it means to "hold the space". Stephanie radiates love and acceptance of what is, powerful enough to permeate through the screen.

Working with her one-to-one is different than engaging with her online content - both add to my life, but when it is just the two of us I feel safe and supported in a way I've never experienced before. My biggest breakthrough was a session where we explored a difficult encounter with my mother, an experience that led to months of emotional abuse as my family struggled in the generational dysfunction I am working to extricate myself from. Stephanie used her presence, skills, wisdom, and creativity to unlock the door to the peace and assurance I needed to Let. It. Go. 

It was a release unlike anything I've ever experienced before, like when you find a masseuse who really likes digging in to find and release the knots in your back. Stephanie helped me see and understand an entirely new way for me to move through my life, with a framework and tools for healing that I can use for the rest of my life. -Jenna

"My name is Matthew and I'm usually don't leave testimonials, but this time is different. After working with Stephanie, my life changed for good. My confidence level, sexuality has improved for better. Stephanie's professionalism, knowledge and friendly personality helps to go through the process very easy. She understand and helps to  understand a lot of important things in life. I made the best decision in my life THANK YOU Stephanie for making me a better man. -Matthew"

Who am I?

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Tantric Sex Coach and Licensed Breathwork Facilitator.

I have been in the somatic and embodiment industry since 2008 when I left my Investment Banking career to go study breathwork, meditation and Hatha Yoga in an Ashram. 

Why I’m the one you want to work with?

1. I’m not just another “trauma informed” coach that claims to know how to work with the nuances of trauma.

I’ve studied in depth through a 3 year accredited school that the founder of Somatic Experiencing created by Peter Levine with a niche in attachment, relational and sexual trauma.

I’ve lived, breathed, practiced and studied trauma with literally hundreds of humans in an intensive way since 2008.

I have completed a 500 hour coaching course in Sex, Love and Relationships, a two year long Biodynamic Breathwork Facilitation Course, studied with world class leaders in life and business coaching as well as Tantra and Embodiment Facilitation.

2. I need to just get really "real" with you instead of bullshitting with more credentials for a moment....

13 years ago I was a Mormon Housewife…

And sometimes I think it may have been an easier path for me  … stability, security and the known of routine, church on Sundays, service work on Wednesdays and an on paper literal perfect American family.

And the hallowing truth is I think it would have killed my spirit if I had stayed in either even another month.

The odd thing is, I wouldn’t know 99% of YOU reading this of I had stayed.

The experiences, conversations and intimate moments wouldn’t have been shared. Mostly because good mormon girls don’t prance around sexually liberating humans on the internet but also because I wouldn’t have done all the incredible things I’ve done that led me to YOU. However in the world or internet land you ended up on this page.

I will never forget the moment I walked away from my “perfect life” and realized I was abandoning a life of “the known secure routine of my next 70 years” for a life of “what the actual fuck is next for me as a single mom divorcee”.

And here we are. A decade after divorce and leaving a religion. 13 years away from Mormon housewife. It has not been easy but I wouldn’t change a single fucking moment of a single day.

I am 40 years old and have more life experience than most 80 year olds I know. Why? Because I fucking went for it. I did the inner work. I always chose growth.

Let me tell you that after a decade of wild love affairs, traveling the world, running many successful businesses, raising babies to teens as a single mom, the depths of trauma healing and all the damn winding roads … they all led me exactly where I’m supposed to be. Here. Now. Writing this to you that is wondering whether or not you could be this bold and at peace.

I could have stayed and had the life that was perfect on paper. And instead I headed the famous words by our beloved Mary Oliver …

 Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

I do NOT have everything figured out. Nor do I want to.

I also work with a lot of men and women who are questioning what they want out of life with everything from career, entrepreneurship, parenthood, marriages and relationships.

I can tell you that you’ll never regret LIVING your wild and precious life. Your version. There is no “right”. There is only YOURS.

And with everything in my soul, I exude you to dig deep and figure out what is real and true for you and relentlessly move toward it.

Will it be easy? Probably not.

Will you have moments like me and think “I should have stayed that Mormon housewife because it was easier”? Probably so time to time.

Will your soul agree to staying in the known? Absofuckingly NOT.

Will your heart be ok? My dear sister, she will crack open so large that the love of the Universe will shine down and encapsulate you in love.

Will you know you’ve made the right choice? Yes. You will. Slow down and listen.

To the beckoning of the spirit of your one precious life. It will guide you. It will never beguile you. Your LIFE is waiting. And my love, it’s going to be fucking magnificent.

And I am standing here and I’ve gone through the journey myself.

I’ve met the depths of hell, screamed from my belly, cried until I was dried up, spit and gagged on the conditioning and words I was forced to swallow down.

You can scare me because I’ve traversed the depths myself.

You can only take someone as far as you’ve gone yourself and I’ve been to the pits of hell and stared the devil down.

I won’t flinch. Bring your all to me. The scary. The shame. The parts you have hidden away. 

So like I said, I’m the best at what I do and will walk the journey alongside you in the safest, most loving, mama bear, cheerleader, BFF but also as a highly intelligent, liberated and knowledgable coach. 

More Testimonials

From the moment I first met Steph I knew I had to work with her. She’s owns who she is and knows what she is doing. She has such a calm demeanor and presence and the safety she creates within the container gives me the confidence to show up vulnerably and have powerful breakthroughs. She has lovingly stretched me while also respecting where I am in the moment. I was terrified to dive into this work but coaching with her has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. I seriously love the shit out of her! -Mandy

Stephanie's perspective and process has been such a revelation for me.  It has genuinely helped me improve my general outlook on life.  I've never really been keen on seeking traditional mental therapy, as I always felt it needed more than just sitting around with someone scribbling notes.  The incorporation of somatic therapy and breathing/physical exercises was something that I never really thought of utilizing in therapy, but having Stephanie coach me through those exercises and utilizing those tools was invaluable.  Her calm, genuine and understanding demeanor, along with her mentoring allowed me to take a different, healthy approach and better mental attitude in my everyday life, which has truly helped me through some of the darkest times of my life. -Steve

In the world where conversations about sex are few and far between, Stephanie creates a magical and safe space where exploration of my sexuality is not only normal, it’s encouraged and celebrated. Her deep curiosity, compassionate presence and fierce dedication to MY thriving makes her an invaluable ally on a road to sexual healing, sexual pleasure, sexual mastery and sexual freedom, which really translates into living an empowered life on my own terms. Whether sex is involved or not. - Ania



"Stephanie is without a doubt a living breathing goddess in human form who possesses the power to make any mortal man into a titan of a man. Every moment in her contained safe space is a blessing that is not to be taken for granted. Commit yourself to her ways and you shall be rewarded with an ecstasy and power to rivals the gods." -Darrien

I had a session with Stephanie because I felt stuck in my ability to feel pleasure, having struggled with pelvic tension and pain during intercourse for a few years now.

During the session Steph felt like such a safe presence which allow me to drop deep into the pieces that were holding me back. Stephanie's expertise is vast, and she knew exactly how to guide me through those intense pieces, allowing me to free my body from them.

I now feel like I a whole word of possibilities opened in my sex life and I am experimenting with all of that. Most importantly,  I feel a sense of freedom and relaxation around my sexuality,  no longer judging myself for how my body is reacting.

Thank you Stephanie you are truly amazing at what you do!  -Dianna

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Even More Testimonials!

After years and years of attempting to heal from past trauma, I spent several months working individually with Stephanie,  she helped me grow in my love for myself  and the self worth that I had lost she helped me recover. These daily practices that she helped me discover not only saved me but also saved my marriage. I am forever grateful. Life is short, live your best life, you only have one. -Lynnette

In my sessions with Stephanie we have used movement, breathwork, and somatic experiencing to create clarity and tap into the infinite intelligence in my body. Stephanie has created a safe space where I was guided through exploring my emotions, belief systems, yearnings, and the depths of my subconscious programming. She has helped me reach a higher potential by guiding me into the vulnerable space of accepting my blind spots and by empowering me with the tools to transform behavior patterns by letting go of the old and live from a perspective of higher awareness and higher emotional intelligence.  -David

"I thought I was emotional before, holy shit. I FELT things I haven’t felt in forever... or ever.  This sense of awareness I experienced has been unmatched. I grabbed and held a pillow stronger and with more anger than I ever have before. I moved around the floor scared of a sound. I felt fear, anxiety, and just flat out uncomfortable. I experienced thoughts and emotions from years ago that I guess I never really processed through. And then something happened. I felt free. I felt confident. I felt grounded. I felt reconnected. I 100% recommend Stephanie Rae for Coaching. -Jay"

Working with Steph was so instrumental in deeply getting in touch with my body and working with its sensations to uncover some of the ways I limit myself that I wasn't even fully aware of until dropping in with her. Her incredibly supportive presence, her amazing intuition and her ability to create such a healing and safe space was instrumental in my personal growth. She has such an incredible toolbox of exercises like breathwork, movement, sounding, meditation and sex magic to make our sessions together not only fully transformational, but also really fun and nourishing.  - Stacy

There are few people in this life I find blessings to have met.  Stephanie is one.  Her skill and talent is only matched by her compassion. -Brian


Is this process confidential?

100% I never divulge who I am working with and unless I have explicit consent to share anything we discuss, everything remains confidential.

Do you do this virtually or in person?

All our work is done virtually via Zoom and Whatsapp for voice messaging. There is an option to add on a VIP in person day.

Are there refunds?

Because of the intimate nature of this work, there are no refunds. Nobody has ever needed one because we will get you the results you desire.

Why such a high price point?

I am the best at what I do and you will receive a very high level of support and touch points that are unparalleled in the industry.

How do we communicate and how often between sessions?

WhatsApp and Email. You have access with me on M/T/Th.

Is there an option to add on In-person work?

YES! There are optional in-person VIP days for 5k. We chat more about this customized day that is JUST FOR YOU, all about you and your growth!

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