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What You Get In
Embodiment Elixirs Membership

  • A library of over 75 LIVE and Audio Embodied Elixir Practices

These videos will be a guided 10-45 minute "elixir" or longer practice that you can follow along with and come back to over and over at your own connivence. Full instructions will be given for each practice.

These videos consist of:

  • 10 minute Yoni Egg Practices 
  • Breathwork Practices
  • Somatic Healing Practices

You will have access to the entire embodied portal of videos forever!

  • Investment

$97 one time payment

Yes, that is it!

This is an absolute no brainer for anyone wanting to participate in the best of the BEST embodiment practices each month and have access to a portal of 10 minute embodiment practice to do on your own at your own pace, at home. 

There is literally no reason why this isn't an embodied YES if you are serious about showing up in the world as your whole, alive, regulated, emotionally aware and embodied best self! 



One Time Payment

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Embodiment Elixirs Library


-A library of over 75 Breathwork, Somatic and Yoni Egg practices

-Additional Squirting Workshop 

This is for you if:

You want a quick 10 minute embodiment practice to do daily or 3x week.

You want the most comprehensive collection (and growing monthly) of 10 minute Yoni Egg Practices

You are new to this work or my work and want to try it out.

You want to learn how to squirt and why it’s awesome! Worth it just for this workshop!

You have all this on lock but want quick refreshers OR a dedicated time each month to be held in our live calls.

You want to check out my vibe before joining another program, retreat or 1:1.

You are a busy Mom, Coach, Working Woman and NEED to carve out time for yourself at least a few times a week but only have 10 minutes.

It’s the biggest no brainer in the industry. Period.

When one of us rises, we all rise. And I envision an army of Queen Warriors, empowered in their body and sexuality, crowns on, loving the most luscious and magnificent life of their individual dreams but rooting relentlessly for each others rising!

Yoni Eggs as an Embodiment Practice?


How you ask?

I know Yoni Eggs aren’t as mainstream as “kegels” and yet the results in using them actually can blow your mind.

The Yoni Egg (also referred to as a Jade or Crystal Egg) is all about getting real with your body.

What is real and alive in your body? Right now? The sensations? The emotions? The intimacy. This is the portal to your pleasure, healing and most magnificently orgasmic self.

A Yoni Egg has the potential to:

Unlock g-spot, cervical, and energy orgasms

Reclaim your sensational and sensual body and v@gina which means more pleasure during penetration

Take sex from underwhelming to intimate, connected, orgasmic, tantric and pleasure filled rooted in safety and full body YES!

Strengthen your pelvic floor way the hell better than just kegels. It’s like embodied yoga sculpt for your pussy! Strong vagina = stronger orgasms.

Have you dripping in self love, compassion and finally feeling connected to your body in an empowering way.

Sounds amazing, sign me up like yesterday and I want THAT right?!?

There will be at least one or two 10 minute Yoni Egg Practices uploaded to our membership portal each month! 

You get to come home to your body and the innate wisdom it holds.

To return to your oceanic feminine pleasure and sensuality.

This is a sacred initiation.

These embodied Yoni Egg practices can radically bring you home to safety, love, belonging to yourself and a deep remembrance of your wholeness.



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What is Embodiment Elixirs?

I have a unique perspective and methodology in the industry combining the somatic and deep trauma healing around embodiment and sexuality with stepping into your pleasure, sensuality and full spectrum of aliveness and emotions from a place of ownership, confidence and empowerment. This helps to uncover the wholeness of who you are and not the separate pieces. 

Embodiment is a reclamation of your body, layer by layer in the very area you were attacked, shut down, shamed or told to not allow either by family, religion or society. 

Embodiment is a reclamation of all your "too muchness" and full spectrum of what it means for you to be a woman. Grief, ecstasy, desire, rage and peace are all parts of you and we will learn to move through all of these in a regulated way through our practices. 

It allows you to step into the whole of who you are armed with the tools to face your trauma, relationships and sensuality from a place of em bodied empowerment versus helplessness and voicelessness.

You are whole. Your trauma has attacked this and made you to feel broken, bruised and worthless. My loves, this couldn’t be more untrue and yet I know personally how real this can feel.

Embodiment is personal and a journey. I work in a very trauma informed way as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner to gently bring you back into the knowing of your aliveness that has always been there.

I give you tools and hold the deepest space for your healing AND embodiment journey. 

Who am I?

Stephanie Rae is a world renowned Embodiment Coach and Facilitator, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Tantric Sex Coach and Licensed Breathwork Facilitator.

Why I’m the one you want to work with?

1. I’m not just another “trauma informed” coach that claims to know how to work with the nuances of trauma and especially sexual / relational trauma. I’ve studied in depth through a 3 year accredited school that the founder of Somatic Experiencing created by Peter Levine with a niche in sexual trauma. I’ve lived, breathed, practiced and studied trauma with literally hundreds of humans in an intensive way over the past decade.

2. I blend this nerdy science background with Tantra and spirituality utilizing tools such as Breathwork, Jade egg, vaginal dearmoring and body work, sound, movement and energy. I’ve been studying, facilitating and practicing all of these body based, energetic and embodied modalities for 13 years and practicing them for 21 years.

3. I’ve gone through the journey myself. I’ve met the depths of hell, screamed from cervix, cried until I was dried up, spit and gagged on the conditioning and words I was forced to swallow down. You can scare me because I’ve traversed the depths myself. You can only take someone as far as you’ve gone yourself and I’ve been to the pits of hell and stared the devil down. I won’t flinch. I’ll believe you.

So like I said, I’m the best in the industry at what I do and will walk the journey alongside you in the safest, most loving, Mama Bear, cheerleader, BFF but also respectable coach type of container. 

Additionally, I run retreats around the world for women based in tantric healing practice and adventure. She also hosts plant medicine groups exclusively for women called The Psychedelic Priestess. 

I also facilitate my signature group program for women twice a year, Trauma to Tantra. 



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imagine for a moment...

You've had to take care of yourself your whole life and now you’re ready to enter a space where you get to show up and be fully supported in your depth.

What if you could step into the whole of who you are armed with the tools to face your trauma from a place of empowerment versus helplessness and voicelessness.

You finally feel EMBODIED in your sexually confidence. With your body, your voice, your boundaries and your expression. You're having the most passionate, mind blowing sex of your life and reaching orgasmic states that transcend consciousness! And you feel safe while doing it!

Look, anything around sexuality is stigmatized therefore taboo to even talk about so it gets shoved down even further. ESPECIALLY for Women because they know our sexuality is actually our Superpower and Creative Life force.

Bringing awareness that most women have experienced some form of sexual trauma, assault, shame or repression is important.

The less shame and in the shadows something is, the more we can actively fight back, heal and reclaim that which was attacked or stolen.

If you have been suffering in silence, I see you. There IS healing. It’s possible. I see it every day with my clients and I’m a testimonial myself.

Beyond just healing, there’s an opportunity for sexual fulfillment and pleasure. A reclamation.

We can heal but we aren’t meant to do it alone.

I see you.

I witness you.

I am you.

I won’t turn away at your story.

I won’t flinch.

I believe you.

You’re not alone my dear sister. Not today. Not yesterday. Not ever.

Bringing women into their full embodied sexuality and power is what I was put on this planet to do. I am here to support YOU.



One Time Payment

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Is this confidential?

You can always leave your cameras off when you attend live! I never reveal who is in my programs or on the live recordings (It will only be me being recorded).

Are there refunds?

Because of the intimate nature of this work, there are no refunds.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes! You have access to cancel at anytime in your membership portal. When you cancel, your subscription ends immediately and all access is revoked. No questions asked. But also, no refunds.

How is this only $97?

These are practices that I believe every single woman on the planet need. I do these practices regularly myself. This is the price and as of now, I have no intention of raising it. I want this as assessable as possible.

Do you give scholarships?

Nope. Not for this program.

I LOVE this and want more!!!

YAH! You can get on the waitlist for my signature group program Trauma to Tantra that runs 2x a year. I also run Women's only retreats around the world in the coolest places like Peru, Iceland, Egypt, Bali and South Africa. I also host exclusive plant medicine journey's for women called The Psychedelic Priestess.


I’ve never felt more seen & supported in my life.

In the midst of relationship, home, and career shifts... Stephanie stood as a pillar of unconditional love & grace that encouraged me to grow stronger and wiser through all of it.

She weaves masterful somatic tools with a sharp intuition that sees into the heart of what you need to heal & thrive.

With this, she helped me release long held traumas around money, sexuality, my family, and toxic relationships... while continuously helping me develop my inner power & resiliency to face anything life brings with confidence, clarity, & compassion. -Michaela

I had a session with Stephanie because I felt stuck in my ability to feel pleasure, having struggled with pelvic tension and pain during intercourse for a few years now.

During the session Steph felt like such a safe presence which allow me to drop deep into the pieces that were holding me back. Stephanie's expertise is vast, and she knew exactly how to guide me through those intense pieces, allowing me to free my body from them.

I now feel like I a whole word of possibilities opened in my sex life and I am experimenting with all of that. Most importantly,  I feel a sense of freedom and relaxation around my sexuality,  no longer judging myself for how my body is reacting.

Thank you Stephanie you are truly amazing at what you do!  -Dianna

After years and years of attempting to heal from past trauma, I spent several months working individually with Stephanie,  she helped me grow in my love for myself  and the self worth that I had lost she helped me recover. These daily practices that she helped me discover not only saved me but also saved my marriage. I am forever grateful. Life is short, live your best life, you only have one. -Lynnette

Working with Steph was so instrumental in deeply getting in touch with my body and working with its sensations to uncover some of the ways I limit myself that I wasn't even fully aware of until dropping in with her. Her incredibly supportive presence, her amazing intuition and her ability to create such a healing and safe space was instrumental in my personal growth. She has such an incredible toolbox of exercises like breathwork, movement, sounding, meditation and sex magic to make our sessions together not only fully transformational, but also really fun and nourishing.  - Stacy

In the world where conversations about sex are few and far between, Stephanie creates a magical and safe space where exploration of my sexuality is not only normal, it’s encouraged and celebrated. Her deep curiosity, compassionate presence and fierce dedication to MY thriving makes her an invaluable ally on a road to sexual healing, sexual pleasure, sexual mastery and sexual freedom, which really translates into living an empowered life on my own terms. Whether sex is involved or not. - Ania



I was seeking virtual somatic therapy as part of my trauma-focused effort to unwind my mind and body,, and I chose Stephanie as my guide and teacher because of some similarities in our past experiences. I had the typical first-session jitters, but they were quickly settled when I realized that I was working with someone who really understands what it means to "hold the space". Stephanie radiates love and acceptance of what is, powerful enough to permeate through the screen.

Working with her one-to-one is different than engaging with her online content - both add to my life, but when it is just the two of us I feel safe and supported in a way I've never experienced before. My biggest breakthrough was a session where we explored a difficult encounter with my mother, an experience that led to months of emotional abuse as my family struggled in the generational dysfunction I am working to extricate myself from. Stephanie used her presence, skills, wisdom, and creativity to unlock the door to the peace and assurance I needed to Let. It. Go. 

It was a release unlike anything I've ever experienced before, like when you find a masseuse who really likes digging in to find and release the knots in your back. Stephanie helped me see and understand an entirely new way for me to move through my life, with a framework and tools for healing that I can use for the rest of my life. -Jenna

From the moment I first met Steph I knew I had to work with her. She’s owns who she is and knows what she is doing. She has such a calm demeanor and presence and the safety she creates within the container gives me the confidence to show up vulnerably and have powerful breakthroughs. She has lovingly stretched me while also respecting where I am in the moment. I was terrified to dive into this work but coaching with her has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. I seriously love the shit out of her! -Mandy


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