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Trauma to Tantra® 


Intimate Embodiment

Group Coaching program that you've been waiting for.

I'm going to take you on a journey from Trauma to Tantra®...

It’s deep.

It’s rich.

It’s powerful.

It’s witchy.

It’s feminine + fun.

It’s magical.

And it’s based in cutting edge neuroscience, somatic experiencing and ancient Tantric and Taoist Tradition.

You will finally feel confidence, radiance and alive in your body + sexuality.

We heal with pleasure, play, peace and my nerdy somatic experiencing flare. We use tantric practices and rituals, embodiment, breathwork, yoni eggs and epic self love.

We transform your sexual shame and trauma into the embodiment of pleasure.

We will experience womb healing not only for you, but for generational trauma. 

We release religious, cultural and societal shaming around our bodies, purity and our sensuality as grown Women.

Women are different than men so we won't heal in the bro-culture way of force, shock and strictly mindset.

Your body, sexuality and trauma has been through enough shock and force.

Let’s release it and heal the same way we truly desire to warm up to Sex. With caressing, warmth, tantra, sensuality and the most radical self acceptance and love.

From speeding up to slowness.

From purity to pleasure.

From shame to sensuality.

This is the feminine way to heal and move From Trauma to Tantra®.


In Trauma to Tantra® you will experience:


Five Yoni Egg Practices

The Yoni Egg practice comes from the Taoist Tradition and has been used for thousands of years.

The Yoni Egg is an effective holistic method for healing and integrating sexuality in the body, has the ability to shift your emotional and energetic relationship to your sexuality and body and with a regular practice can be a tool to remove shame, guilt and fear in the body and within the vagina and integrate your trauma.

It assists in pelvic floor strengthening and conditioning at every phase of life, creates a somatic experience within the vagina and more sensational sex!

This sacred practice can also create a reclamation of loving your body, expressing pleasure, feeling safety in your sexuality, expressing and creating new boundaries and experiencing embodied consent and most all women experience better orgasms!

(Yes please to ALL of this right?)


Three Primal Tantric Rituals to Liberate Emotions and Trauma

Movement, Sounding, Breathwork, Energy and deep Presence are the tools we will work with and deepen into every single week and ultimately embody through Tantric initiations and practices. There will be a Purge, Primal Initiation playing with the Goddess Kali and Chakra Clearing Celebration!!


Three Embodied Breathwork Practices to deepen into your most alive self

These aren't your average breathwork experiences.

You will be guided in Voice Reclamation, Heart Expansion and Pelvic Floor Release + Healing sessions. 

This is feminine, sensual, healing, liberating breathwork and will set you the fuck free.

Your breath is your power and will unlock your ecstasy when done in the way I facilitate it.


Sex Magick Initiation

My all time favorite practice and perfect for creating full/new moon rituals



Vaginal Dearmoring Workshop

Vaginal Dearmoring feels like acupressure and a crystal wand.

I will guide you in an emotional and deep release process that clears trauma and stuck emotions from within the vaginal canal, g-spot and cervix.


Q&A / Coaching Sessions

Come get your questions answered, use this time for further integration or laser coaching.


Yoni Massage Practice

Learn this beautiful practice for nourishing, healing and creating a sensational relationship with your yoni. Bonus: after you learn to do this for yourself, you can teach a partner to give these to you.


Somatic Integration Calls and a Dance Workshop



We will meet each month starting on February 15th at 12:00pm Central Time (Chicago) with built in Integration Weeks. See below for the Thursday calls. 


Trauma to Tantra 2024 Cohort

(All Calls are 90 mins long and on Thursday at 12pm CT-Chicago)

  •  Call 1: February 15th
  •  Call 2: February 22nd
  •  Call 3: February 29th
  •  Call 4: March 7th
  •  Call 5: March 14th
  •  Call 6: March 21st
  •  Week Off: March 28th
  •  Call 7: April 4th
  •  Call 8: April 11th
  •  BONUS Call: April 16th
  •  Week Off: April 18th
  •  Integration: April 25th
  •  Call 9: May 2nd
  •  Call 10: May 9th
  •  Bonus Call: May 16th
  •  Call 11: May 23rd
  •  Call 12: May 30th

There will be 2-3 Additional  Integration, Bonus Q&A, ect calls but the dates will be announced in February. These are likely to be held on a Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening. 

Here is what Women experience in Trauma to Tantra® ...

I absolutely loved this course! Since taking TTT I have learned how to truly listen to what my body wants. I now understand when I am a yes and also a no. I have to be a full fuck yes in all that I do now. I love how I now ask for exactly what I want. One example was when I went for a massage and asked for the right pressure, said to stop when something didn't feel good etc. I had my first amazing massage due to speaking up for what I want! That might sound small but for me it was huge.  I was inspired to lead a Wild Woman's Release Ritual at the yoga studio I teach at!! I wouldn't have dared to try this before but I am inspired to do it because of Stephanie's course! I also got the courage to go and ask for the raise that I deserve! Also, my main reason for joining TTT was because I wanted to feel safe and I received that! I loved the course, I did the work, I showed up for every single session no matter what and I grew and healed SO much. My husband and my friends see so many positive changes in me. I really loved the community and the Wednesday night group sessions as well and the fb community was always somewhere I could go and post when i needed support. Thank you so much, Stephanie! I am truly grateful for your gift to help women move through their trauma. I am now THE QUEEN OF SAFETY AND POWER!


Stephanie came into my life at the most magical time. I was going through an awakening and for the first time in my life I made the decision to slow down, get to know myself and my desires.   This ended up being a terrifying journey as I realized who I professed to be was not my truth and my genuine desires were unconventional, outrageous and ostentatious.   Stephanie’s guidance gave me the courage and support to not only accept this truth, but also nurture and cherish this little vibrant girl that had died a painfully slow death of punishment, shame and guilt many years ago.  The container created during our journey from Trauma to Tantra was a scared and safe sisterhood where we were able to realize that we did not have to do this alone.  Growing up in an extremely oppressive religious cult I have found any type of leadership or guidance extremely triggering and painful. Stephanie earned my trust and respect as I watched her stay true to herself at all costs. Through out the process she continuously guided us back to the safety of our grounded and pampered bodies, souls and minds. I am presently on my way to Peru to participate in Stephanie’s Trauma to Tantra retreat and have already booked her Iceland Ice and Fire retreat this fall with my best friend. Thank you Stephanie for being my Goddess sister and creating this incredible sisterhood that I have belonged to my entire life and just finally found. I look forward to the future with peace confidence and excitement knowing that it gets to be this good… and it will only get better! For the first time in my life I have taken complete control of my emotions, my choices and destiny.


This course taught me how to healthily feel my anger and to get all the tears that were underneath that behemoth out. It taught me how to find the wild and strong and brave woman underneath all that hidden rage, and I feel I can be more open with my heart now. 

I am more connected to myself, my sexuality, my pleasure, and my power. I cannot recommend this course enough. 

Stephanie is one of my favorite facilitators I have ever experienced, and I have done a lot of personal growth courses.

I find that other sexual healing courses focus on pushing you in a certain direction.

Stephanie gives you space and the tools to find your own direction. There is plenty of guidance and help, don't get me wrong.

I felt completely seen and able to ask every single one of my questions, but three was space for me to get what I needed as opposed to being told what I needed. 

I hope you get to take this course and find the freedom that I did. I hope every woman gets to find this anger, freedom and rage so she can feel her pleasure and joy with all this depth and rootedness. 


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In just 4 months you will experience ... 


What if you could step into the whole of who you are armed with the tools to face your trauma from a place of empowerment and safety versus helplessness and voiceless.

You finally feel fully confident. With your body, your voice, your boundaries and your expression.

You're having the most passionate, mind blowing sex of your life and reaching orgasmic states that transcend consciousness! And you feel safe while doing it!

Beyond just healing, there’s an opportunity for sexual fulfillment and pleasure.

A reclamation.

A Sexually Empowered Woman is a woman who is Embodied. She knows her body.

She receives her pleasure and actively seeks it. She surrenders into the feminine and knows how to let go, get out of her head and receive gracefully.

A Sexually Empowered Woman trusts her own body, experiences and intuition over any external messaging, conditioning or social narratives of what she "should" be, look, live or feel like. 

A Sexually Empowered Woman has boundaries and embodied consent that serve her.

She is able to powerfully speak and hold to them. She asks for what she wants in the bedroom and in her daily life.

Sexual Healing and Empowerment is usually the last piece of the puzzle because we habitually prioritize our pleasure last and there is the most shame.

Where the most shame lives, the most room for expansion and growth lives. Getting into the body with Somatic Work is the key to unlock your next level and deepest transformations.

We can heal but we aren’t meant to do it alone.

I see you.

I witness you.

I am you.

I won’t turn away at your story.

I won’t flinch.

I believe you.

You’re not alone my dear sister. Not today.

Not yesterday.

Not ever.

You are ready for this level of depth and aliveness.

I literally can't wait another second to join!!!!

Tell me more about Yoni Eggs...


I know Yoni Eggs aren’t as mainstream as “kegels” and yet the results in using them actually can blow your mind.

The Yoni Egg (also referred to as a Jade or Crystal Egg) is all about getting real with your body.

What is real and alive in your body? Right now? The sensations? The emotions? The intimacy.

This is the portal to your pleasure, healing and most magnificently orgasmic self.

A Yoni Egg has the potential to:

Unlock g-spot, cervical, and energy orgasms

Reclaim your sensational and sensual body and v@gina which means more pleasure during penetration

Take sex from underwhelming to intimate, connected, orgasmic, tantric and pleasure filled rooted in safety and full body YES!

Strengthen your pelvic floor way the hell better than just kegels. It’s like embodied yoga sculpt for your pussy! Strong vagina = stronger orgasms.

Have you dripping in self love, compassion and finally feeling connected to your body in an empowering way.

Sounds amazing, sign me up like yesterday and I want THAT right?!?

You get to come home to your body and the innate wisdom it holds.

To return to your oceanic feminine pleasure and sensuality.

This is a sacred initiation.

These embodied Yoni Egg practices can radically bring you home to safety, love, belonging to yourself and a deep remembrance of your wholeness.

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My Vision for US all...

I’ve worked with thousands of women since 2008 when I started teaching and facilitating in the niche of Embodiment work.

The one common theme that I’ve heard regardless of the field (fitness, yoga, energy, psychedelic, tantra, kink, endurance sports, somatic therapy, breathwork, bodywork or sexual trauma healing) is that women feel an inherent “brokenness” and unworthiness.

Since little girls, we have been:

  • shamed
  • silenced
  • told we we were too much/too loud/too angry
  • been cut off from our sexuality
  • told our bodies or budding sexuality was too enticing to old men and it would be our fault if we were assaulted
  • our bodies (aka our shoulders) were distracting to boys in school and we need to cover up
  • our entire worth was tied up around our virginity
  • had to juggle to paradox of not being experienced enough in bed but if you knew what you were doing you had to MUCH experience
  • our skirts were too short and also not short enough
  • we were called prude/slut/easy before we were called a high school graduate

My entire purpose and mission is for every women to finally realize their infinite beauty, strength, worth, sensuality, wildness, power and fierceness.

And that comes with doing the work to reclaim the very place that we’ve been shamed the most … our sexuality.

For every single one of us to rise up and say no more. Not ever again. And our voices be heard.

It takes time.

Sexual liberation is a journey and slow is the secret.

Women don’t heal the same as men and 95% of healing was designed by men.

It takes women who have forged through the fire of darkness to hold other women through the fire.

Emerging as Queens of their life and Bodies.

This is the path of Trauma to Tantra®.

This is my work.

This is the liberation.

Join me sister, it is YOUR time and I trust that you are ready for this depth and journey. 🌹

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Why I'm the one to take you on this journey ...

Stephanie Rae is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Embodiment Life Coach, Tantric Sex Teacher and Licensed Breathwork Facilitator. She is an industry leader trailblazing the way of trauma healing through pleasure and tantra.

Why I’m the one you want to work with?

1. I’m not just another “trauma informed” coach that claims to know how to work with the nuances of trauma and especially sexual / relational trauma.

I’ve studied in depth through a 3 year accredited school that the founder of Somatic Experiencing created by Peter Levine with a niche in sexual trauma.

I’ve lived, breathed, practiced and studied trauma with literally hundreds of humans in an intensive way over the past decade in person, at rape crises centers and online.

2. I blend this nerdy science background with Tantra and spirituality utilizing tools such as Breathwork, Jade egg, vaginal dearmoring and body work, sound, movement and energy.

I’ve been studying, facilitating and practicing all of these body based, energetic and embodied modalities since 2008.

3. I’ve gone through the journey myself.

I’ve met the depths of hell, screamed from cervix, cried until I was dried up, spit and gagged on the conditioning and words I was forced to swallow down.

You can't scare me because I’ve traversed the depths myself.

You can only take someone as far as you’ve gone yourself and I’ve been to the pits of hell and stared the devil down.

I won’t flinch. I’ll always believe you.

So like I said, I’m the best at what I do and will walk the journey alongside you in the safest, most loving, Mama Bear, cheerleader, BFF but also feminine leadership embodiment coach way.

I facilitate Women's International Tantra and Adventure Retreats around the world in locations such as Peru, Iceland, Egypt, Ireland and Bali.

Additionally, I run intimate, women only plant medicine groups and retreats in Chicago that are unparalleled in pre and post ceremony integration and support in the industry.

I am an adventurer, endurance athlete and have travelled almost 40 countries solo and to peaks such as Everest Base Camp, through Patagonia and soon one of the Seven Summits of the World, Aconcagua. 

I have published three books and am currently publishing the forth, Iron Strong. In 2024 I will release the fifth book as well. 

I do all this while playing soccer mama to two teen boys. I've been a single mom for a decade.

In my spare time I like watching The Great British Bake Off, reading, forest walks, naps and I really really love my slow, sensual coffee sipping mornings.

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Meet Our Support Coach:

Rory Sadoff

Rory is a Somatic Practitioner and Functional Health Coach focusing on nourishing the mind, body, and soul as one big system that intertwine. 

Rory will be on our calls to provide additional support and breakout rooms. She will be hosting our integration calls as well as being active in the facebook group to support, cheer for and motivate us all! She is here to make us all feel like we have somewhere to land and deepen into safety and love.

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Can you even Imagine...

  • Sinking deeper into the truth of who you are and liberating your most shamed shadows, sexuality and emotions
  • Having a space to land each week where you get to be in devotion to your inner work. Here you get to be held instead of doing the holding.
  • Being supported in this space instead of being the one that has to support everyone else. You get to land into this space and be guided into ecstasy, healing and deep portals of truth. 
  • A space where all of you is welcome. The messy. The ecstasy. The rage. The tears. I love all parts of you. 
  • Sisterhood. Yup, it's time to heal those wounds and allow yourself to be seen, uplifted, supported and cheered on by other women who desire to experience the depth and richness of life alongside you. 
Sign me up here and now please!

The Result? 

Your Liberation

Your Freedom

Your Confidence

Your Boundaries

Your Power

Your Fullest Sexual Expression

You Living in your Feminine Power




All of YOU

That is the result.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if:


🌹You have done the "work" and neglected your sexuality.

Sexuality is usually the last place to heal because it carries the most trauma and shame.

I mean for fucks sake most of us weren't even taught the proper names of our genitals. Where there is no name, SHAME becomes the name. 

🌹You are ready for a Reclamation!

This space is your opportunity to claim your sexuality, own your power/voice/energy and finally reclaim the very area you have been meant to feel the most shame in your life. 

Reclaim your sexuality and you reclaim your body. Reclaim your body and reclaim your energy. Reclaim your energy and you will reclaim your life. 

🌹You are a Yes to your Sexual Healing
🌹You are a Yes to your Sexual Alivenes
🌹You are a Yes to your Wholeness
🌹You are a Yes to your Confidence
🌹You are a Yes to Abundance
🌹You are a Yes to your LIFE!
🌹You are a Yes to your Truth


Not for you if:


  • Honestly, if you have done NO self development work, this may not be the program for you as we are going to get intimate and go deep. 
  • You can't invest your time to be dedicated to this journey
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to take your life, love and sex to the next level
  • You want to keep procrastinating, being unproductive and not living in alignment with what the truth of your life is.
  • You actually hate all things spiritual, slightly witchy and energetics.
I'm Ready

Wait, what's included again?

  • 14 - 90 minute weekly calls LIVE with Stephanie
  • Off social media, private group for ongoing support, sisterhood, integration and community
  • Lifetime access to all the LIVE practices
  • Bonus Calls plus Bonus Workshops
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Here is what Women experience working with Stephanie ...

I was seeking virtual somatic therapy as part of my trauma-focused effort to unwind my mind and body,, and I chose Stephanie as my guide and teacher because of some similarities in our past experiences. I had the typical first-session jitters, but they were quickly settled when I realized that I was working with someone who really understands what it means to "hold the space". Stephanie radiates love and acceptance of what is, powerful enough to permeate through the screen.

 Working with her one-to-one is different than engaging with her online content - both add to my life, but when it is just the two of us I feel safe and supported in a way I've never experienced before. My biggest breakthrough was a session where we explored a difficult encounter with my mother, an experience that led to months of emotional abuse as my family struggled in the generational dysfunction I am working to extricate myself from. Stephanie used her presence, skills, wisdom, and creativity to unlock the door to the peace and assurance I needed to Let. It. Go. 

It was a release unlike anything I've ever experienced before, like when you find a masseuse who really likes digging in to find and release the knots in your back. Stephanie helped me see and understand an entirely new way for me to move through my life, with a framework and tools for healing that I can use for the rest of my life. -Jenna

Commonly Asked Questions