Hi! I am Stephanie Rae

-World Renowned Embodiment and Tantric Sex Coach

- Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for Trauma Resolution

-Somatic Psychedelic Integration Coach

- Nervous System + Emotional Regulation Coach for Entrepreneurs, Coaches + Business Leaders


Somatic Psychedelic Integration Coaching Call

As a licensed somatic experiencing practitioner specializing in psychedelic integration, I guide you to embark on a transformative journey that bridges the realms of mind and body.

Through the incorporation of somatic experiencing, you will navigate your psychedelic experiences with heightened awareness, grounding sensations, and emotional regulation.

This synergistic approach fosters a deeper connection to your bodily sensations, allowing for the processing and integration of insights gained from psychedelic journeys.

Together, psychedelics and somatic work harmoniously to facilitate holistic healing, empowering you to cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and authentic growth.

60 Minute Coaching Call



International Adventure and Tantra Retreats

Twice a year I lead EPIC International retreats in lux destinations. 
These sell out within a week of a launch to an exclusive email list. 
We go places like Peru, Iceland, Egypt, The Amazon and Bali! 
Additionally, I host intimate, women only, plant medicine retreats, The Psychedelic Priestess. 
Find All 2024 + 2025 Retreats HERE

Trauma to Tantra® Group Program

This is my signature and deeply transformational four month embodiment group coaching program for an exclusive group of women who are ready to transform their sexual trauma, shame and conditioning through tantra, embodiment and somatic practices.

This program will include embodiment breathwork, jade egg,  emotional liberation and the most intimate, sensual and powerful community where you will feel deeply held through your healing journey. 

We were never meant to heal alone and this container will be the greatest journey and gift you could ever give yourself. 


Way back in 2012, I journaled through divorce, leaving the Mormon Religion, becoming a Single Mom, running my first Marathon and eventually becoming an Ironman Athlete.

I wrote and wrote and wrote until one day I realized I had written a book. From crying on my bathroom floor because I was getting divorced, my "perfect life" was falling apart and I was leaving the Mormon religion ... To the Finish Line of Ironman Arizona.

I call this book and journey: Iron Strong

This is my heroine’s journey and stories of hope, miracles and never giving up on your dreams.

An inside journey to an outward destination.

MANY of you have come recently into my life and corner of the world and I wanted to get super real and vulnerable and share where it all started.

Welcome to my Beginnings!

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1:1 Coaching with Stephanie

If you are interested in 1:1 work please click below for more information or if you are ready, you can book now.

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60 Minute Coaching Call

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  • Tantra and Sexuality Coaching
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for Trauma Resolution
  • Somatic Psychedelic Integration Coach
  • Nervous System + Emotional Regulation Coach for Entrepreneurs, Coaches + Business Leaders
  • Business Development Coaching
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Ecstatic Love : The art of Feminine Somatic Healing and Pleasure.

Runs October 1-Nov 1, 2024 

Softness in Healing is the new paradigm.
More yoni steaming, breast massages, cacao rituals, yoni eggs, rubbing my body and the places that hurt with lotus oils and preparing nourishing fresh pasta dishes.
This is what I am the embodiment of. I am the greatest teacher of this in the embodiment space.
It’s peace and it’s so palpable that people stop me in the streets to tell me my peaceful and pleasurable energy is contagious and puts them at ease and makes them smile.
This is Ecstatic Love. The art of feminine somatic healing and pleasure. With my tantric and priestess flare.

Embodiment Elixirs Library

97$ one time payment for lifetime access!

-A library of over 75 Breathwork, Somatic and Yoni Egg practices both live and pre-recorded audios

-Additional Squirting Workshop 

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Who am I?


Stephanie Rae is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Embodiment Coach, Tantric Sex Teacher and Licensed Breathwork Facilitator.

Why I’m the one you want to work with?

1. I’m not just another “trauma informed” coach that claims to know how to work with the nuances of trauma and especially sexual / relational trauma. I’ve studied in depth through a 3 year accredited school that the founder of Somatic Experiencing created by Peter Levine with a niche in sexual trauma. I’ve lived, breathed, practiced and studied trauma with literally hundreds of humans in an intensive way over the past decade in person, at rape crises centers and online.

2. I blend this nerdy science background with Tantra and spirituality utilizing tools such as Breathwork, Jade egg, vaginal dearmoring and body work, sound, movement and energy. I’ve been studying, facilitating and practicing all of these body based, energetic and embodied modalities since 2008 and for over 22 years.

3. I’ve gone through the journey myself. I’ve met the depths of hell, screamed from cervix, cried until I was dried up, spit and gagged on the conditioning and words I was forced to swallow down. You can't scare me because I’ve traversed the depths myself. You can only take someone as far as you’ve gone yourself and I’ve been to the pits of hell and stared the devil down. I won’t flinch. I’ll believe you.

So like I said, I’m the best at what I do and will walk the journey alongside you in the safest, most loving, Mama Bear, cheerleader, BFF but also feminine leadership embodiment coach way.

I facilitate Women only International Tantra and Adventure Retreats around the world in locations such as Peru, Iceland, Egypt, Ireland and Bali. Additionally, I run intimate, women only plant medicine groups and retreats in Chicago.

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