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Women's Coaching for Sexuality and Business

 I guide you from Trauma to Tantra

I'm here to help you live your most embodied, free, confident, wild life. Healing sexuality through the intersection of science based, Somatic Experiencing, and spiritual based, Tantra, is my unique approach. 

We get intimate with your sexuality, inner child, business, wealth consciousness and creating the life of your dreams.

Who am I?


Stephanie Rae is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Tantric Sex Coach and Licensed Breathwork Facilitator.

Stephanie blends 14 years of tantric and body-oriented studies with elite leaders around the world, along with scientific-based Somatic Experiencing in her unique approach to sexuality and trauma work creating deep, embodied and lasting transformations so that you feel more sexual power, confidence and aliveness than you ever imagined possible.

She is unique in her approaches and believes pleasure is the gateway for healing sexual shame, trauma and restoring sexual confidence in both men and women. 

She is the host of the podcast, Getting Sexy with Steph, runs group courses around sex, money and inner child work, breathwork workshops and facilitates retreats around the world. She has additional training in Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, as a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Embodied Business Leadership.  She is also a Jade Egg Specialist.

International Adventure and Tantra Retreats

Twice a year I lead EPIC International retreats in lux destinations. 
These sell out within a week of a launch to an exclusive email list. 
We go places like Peru, Iceland, Egypt and Bali! 
Get on my list to know when my next retreat launches. 

Trauma to Tantra Group Program

This is my signature and deeply transformational four month embodiment group coaching program for an exclusive group of women who are ready to transform their sexual trauma, shame and conditioning through tantra, embodiment and somatic practices.

This program will include embodiment breathwork, jade egg,  emotional liberation and the most intimate, sensual and powerful community where you will feel deeply held through your healing journey. 

We were never meant to heal alone and this container will be the greatest journey and gift you could ever give yourself. 


VIP In-Person Days

These are extra special days where we get to do hands on Somatic, Tantra, Breathwork and Embodiment work together.

Take a day to indulge not only in your healing and empowerment but also having me hold deep, intimate space for you.

This is perfect for anyone who wants an immersion experience, to catapult their healing or touch work.

Please fill out the form and I will get back to you. VIP days start at $4,000 and I can occasionally travel. If you would like sacred plant medicine ceremonies included, this can be arranged.

VIP Day Inquiry


"From the moment I first met Steph I knew I had to work with her. She’s owns who she is and knows what she is doing. She has such a calm demeanor and presence and the safety she creates within the container gives me the confidence to show up vulnerably and have powerful breakthroughs. She has lovingly stretched me while also respecting where I am in the moment. I was terrified to dive into this work but coaching with her has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. I seriously love the shit out of her!"



"In the world where conversations about sex are few and far between, Stephanie creates a magical and safe space where exploration of my sexuality is not only normal, it’s encouraged and celebrated. Her deep curiosity, compassionate presence and fierce dedication to MY thriving makes her an invaluable ally on a road to sexual healing, sexual pleasure, sexual mastery and sexual

freedom, which really translates into living an empowered life on my own terms. Whether sex is involved or not."



"I’ve never felt more seen & supported in my life.

In the midst of relationship, home, and career shifts... Stephanie stood as a pillar of unconditional love & grace that encouraged me to grow stronger and wiser through all of it.

She weaves masterful somatic tools with a sharp intuition that sees into the heart of what you need to heal & thrive.

With this, she helped me release long held traumas around money, sexuality, my family, and toxic relationships... while continuously helping me develop my inner power & resiliency to face anything life brings with confidence, clarity, & compassion."



"Stephanie is without a doubt a living breathing goddess in human form who possesses the power to make any mortal man into a titan of a man. Every moment in her contained safe space is a blessing that is not to be taken for granted. Commit yourself to her ways and you shall be rewarded with an ecstasy and power to rivals the gods."



"Words simply can't describe the impact that Stephanie and her work has had on my life.  She came to me at such an important inflection point in my life and Stephanie has created the perfect space for me to grow into my practice, explore new corners of my soul, and connect with the most powerful source of clarity, gratitude, and love I could ever imagine.  No other practice requires such a selfless and confident practitioner and Stephanie has clearly found her life's work in leading others to their true happiness."



"Working with Steph was so instrumental in deeply getting in touch with my body and working with its sensations to uncover some of the ways I limit myself that I wasn't even fully aware of until dropping in with her. Her incredibly supportive presence, her amazing intuition and her ability to create such a healing and safe space was instrumental in my personal growth. She has such an incredible toolbox of exercises like breathwork, movement, sounding, meditation and sex magic to make our sessions together not only fully transformational, but also really fun and nourishing."



"After years and years of attempting to heal from past trauma, I spent several months working individually with Stephanie, she helped me grow in my love for myself  and the self worth that I had lost she helped me recover. These daily practices that she helped me discover not only saved me but also saved my marriage. I am forever grateful. Life is short, live your best life, you only have one."



"I had a sessions with Stephanie because I felt stuck in my ability to feel pleasure, having struggled with pelvic tension and pain during intercourse for a few years now. 

During the sessions Steph felt like such a safe presence which allow me to drop deep into the pieces that were holding me back. Stephanie's expertise is vast, and she knew exactly how to guide me through those intense pieces, allowing me to free my body from them. 

I now feel like I a whole word of possibilities opened in my sex life and I am experimenting with all of that. Most importantly,  I feel a sense of freedom and relaxation around my sexuality, no longer judging myself for how my body is reacting. 

Thank you Stephanie you are truly amazing at what you do!"



"I was seeking virtual somatic therapy as part of my trauma-focused effort to unwind my mind and body,, and I chose Stephanie as my guide and teacher because of some similarities in our past experiences. I had the typical first-session jitters, but they were quickly settled when I realized that I was working with someone who really understands what it means to "hold the space". Stephanie radiates love and acceptance of what is, powerful enough to permeate through the screen.


Working with her one-to-one is different than engaging with her online content - both add to my life, but when it is just the two of us I feel safe and supported in a way I've never experienced before. My biggest breakthrough was a session where we explored a difficult encounter with my mother, an experience that led to months of emotional abuse as my family struggled in the generational dysfunction I am working to extricate myself from. Stephanie used her presence, skills, wisdom, and creativity to unlock the door to the peace and assurance I needed to Let. It. Go. 


It was a release unlike anything I've ever experienced before, like when you find a masseuse who really likes digging in to find and release the knots in your back. Stephanie helped me see and understand an entirely new way for me to move through my life, with a framework and tools for healing that I can use for the rest of my life."



Let's Work Together



For Women Only

1:1 Coaching with Stephanie Rae

Trauma to Tantra Sexual Healing and Empowerment Coaching 


Are you a Woman who has been doing "the work" and is frankly sick of doing the work?

Maybe you don't resonate with healing your sexual trauma, shame and conditioning the "bro-culture" way with crazy and intense breathwork practices, ice-baths, hustle to heal, shock the nervous system and all things that force the body to have a reaction.

Women heal differently than men so it's time to begin healing from your feminine instead of the masculine way.

From pleasure instead of pain and shock.

From sensuality instead of force.

From love instead of hustle.

So if you are ready for healing through pleasure, sensual breathwork, tantra, softness, warm baths and allowing your body to open and turn on as it was made to do, you've landed in the right place.

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Men's Tantric Sexual Mastery and Somatic Work


Do you desire to experience sex that is exciting, sexy and emotionally nurturing? Where you are able to last as long as you want, as many times as you want and at any age?

How about showing up in full confidence and knowing for sure that you can satisfy your partner, not just physically but on every level of being...body, heart and soul? That you are not just a good lover but an extraordinary tantric lover

Are you ready to finally experience the full power and presence of your penis and feel confident in your sexuality?

The exclusive and unparalleled in the industry Becoming Bold in the Bedroom Program is your answer for Sexual Mastery and becoming a Tantric Lover your partner can't get enough of.



Somatic Healing for the Inner Child Group Coaching


Sold Out for Fall 2022!

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Getting Sexy with Steph Podcast

Your favorite Podcast for all things Sex, Love, Relationships, Wealth and all the other Tabbo Shit nobody else talks about! 


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