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Peru 2022

I had the most incredible experience at the retreat in Peru. They were very knowledgeable about the location and had everything planned out perfectly for us. We were able to seamlessly visit so many beautiful places without worrying about a thing! The accommodations were wonderful and the food was delicious. I will definitely be attending another retreat in the future!

-Nikki (Peru)


Where do I begin . I loved the instant sisterhood . As a busy mom / midwife I am used to planning scheduling.. organizing and it was a DREAM to just show up in my warm fuzzy clothes and be along for the ride . Everything was amazing. While some may have found the schedule FULL .. which I did too .. I personally loved that I was pushed beyond what I would’ve normally chosen to pack into days because I got to see and experience SO MUCH . I found everything to be so well planned and executed.

Peru 2022

Whoever is on the fence or thinking about it, just do it! It was the most incredible and well planned/run trip of my life. You just show up and enjoy and receive and everything is handled for you. You are constantly being severed delicious food and magic and adventure! I still have my breath taken away when I think about it and say “omg, I can’t believe I did that"!
-Meredith (Peru)


I had an *amazing* time on my retreat to Iceland in the fall of 2022. I booked the trip because it was facilitated by a beloved teacher, so I already knew that part would be incredible, but the ADzenTURE touch made it truly so special, magical, and unique to any trip I had taken before. From the booking process, to pre-departure info, to handling every single logistic once we landed, the team made sure we had everything we needed to know to be prepared, and then to let go and rest, be nourished, explore, and have FUN! It offered an unprecented level of relaxation for many of us used to organizing our own traveling--not having to think about any details or logistics at all and just knowing our wonderful leaders had it all taken care of. They were absolutely amazing, I could've gone to them for anything I needed, and admired the care they held the group and our experience in. Our time was a beautiful balance of 'being' + 'doing', with special touches sprinkled throughout.

It is such a heart-led group who truly cares about the community they are cultivating and the experiences they make possible. I would wish the self-care and self-love gift of a retreat with them for anyone. <3 <3

-Janine (Iceland, Egypt) 


I decided to celebrate my birthday by visiting Iceland. This was my first time traveling with them and first time traveling solo with a group. I'm so glad that I took the chance and pushed myself to say yes to this trip!


Everything was so thoughtfully planned and the schedules had a comfortable pace including breaks during the day to rest. I found it very comforting that we were even encouraged to skip things if we felt the need to rest or recharge. This permission was very sweet and I appreciated it - especially on an international trip with a bit of time change - yet I skipped nothing!


Hiking, waterfalls, spa soaks, glaciers, time for a lil prosecco and socializing - the itinerary was full, but felt balanced and very enjoyable. I will say that arriving in Iceland and being whisked directly to the Blue Lagoon for a multi-hour soak and socializing is literally the smartest travel planning!...and literally the only way to arrive and spend Day 1 in Iceland!!!


Thank you for the experience, memories, and new friends! Can't wait to travel with you again!

-Diana (Iceland)


I have never felt like such a Queen while traveling in my entire life! My time in Egypt felt safe, supportive, luxurious, and packed with such juicy goodness at every turn <333

-Michaela (Egypt)

Peru 2022

I have to credit Stephanie Rae our retreat host with bringing together some of the most beautifully, magical and empowered Goddesses from all over the world. Her energy, aura and leadership created a beautiful container of safety that allowed each of us to find the sisterhood, community and support specific to our personal needs. Talk about finding my tribe… that is what traveling with Adzenture and Stephanie has done for me!

I also want to highlight the value of the travel package.

If time is money just think about how much time you spend on a week long vacation deciding where and what to eat, what attractions to visit, wether to book ahead or wait and check it out first, securing transportation, the list goes on and on.

I can honestly say that my week in Peru felt like a month because everything was scheduled and all I had to do was show up and enjoy it.

From the magical train ride along the river on the way to Machu Picchu, the option to hike, ride llama’s or a 4 wheeler up Rainbow Mountain, traditional cooking classes, pottery classes, Peruvian Massages, a beautiful sound bath, shopping and plenty of time to rest, relax and integrate, to surprising me on my birthday with the most delicious Tres Leches birthday cake… I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about my experience!

Lastly I have to touch on the most magical location they have chosen to host this retreat.

Samadhi in the Sacred Valley is truly otherworldly… peace and serenity reigns in the valley as you enter the beautiful dining area that has a panoramic view of the sacred valley. Samadhi is hosted by Fernando and his incredible family and what an honor it was to share in their home, their land and their beautiful culture. In this magical dining area we were served the most delicious food that is grown, prepared and served by candlelight with love and reverence here at Samadhi.

Here we laughed and cried, sang and danced, (and may have even twerked🫣) with Fernando and his family! His mom made fresh baked cookies for us every single day and we actually had the honor of crowning her with one of our Goddess crowns before we left.♥️

Each of our little villas were that were strategically placed down the side of the mountain offered incredible views and privacy to soak up the magic of this land. The huge round hot tub at the base of the mountain was a lifesaver as we soaked away our long days of exploring… and created some powerful Goddess Magic!


Thank you Daniela and Bre at Adzenture, Fernando and family at Samadhi and Stephanie Rae for the most magical and transformative experience of my life thus far. I love you all soooo much!!!

-Lael (Peru, Iceland, Egypt)


Going on a retreat is SO much more than an adventure and a retreat…! It’s a profound inner and outer journey on wich you create memories for life. A journey that makes real impact at soul level. I will never forget my trip to Iceland. I made connections for a life time with fantastic women. I recommend this to every woman who wants to give herself an amazing gift with everlasting impact.

-Barbara (Iceland)


I attended the Fire and Ice retreat in Iceland. To try to sum up the experience in words feels quite inadequate but I’m going to try .

As a mom of 4 to show up and have everything planned down to the tiny details was nothing short of BLISS. They immediately made me feel at ease and well cared for . The excursions were breath taking, the itineraries on time and well thought out . When I say every detail was covered I’m not exaggerating. Brown paper bag lunches packed for waterfall hikes .. fuzzy socks to welcome us .. beautiful leather bound journals for reflection time . By day one the group of women felt like old friends .. and we had the most magical times together. The experience is like nothing I’ve ever found in life to date . No matter what trip you choose .. expect to be pampered .. well cared for and have your mind blown with the mixture of adventures and divine laziness and rest . A true reset for the soul .

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