The Erotic Blueprints: What they are and how they will revolutionize your sex life!

Today I talk once again with Allison Holley, Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach!

You may have watched the Netflix show Sex, Love + Goop and now you are curious to learn more about these elusive Erotic Blueprints. You are in the right place!

Or maybe you are just interested in taking your sex life to the next level and are looking for new tools to do so! Once again, you are in the right place!





1. What are the 5 Erotic Blueprints and what do each of them mean?


2. How your Erotic Blueprint can change over time and why knowing them helps you to understand your sexual experiences on a deeper level. 

3. Wait, Sex isn't just "cock in vagina penetration"? Sex and Orgasms are endless in variety, experiences and flavors! And Energy Orgasms!?!? WTF?


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